Rep. Travis Couture blasts Democrat bill that allows violent felons apply for a reduced sentence

As he urges a no vote against House Bill 2001, which would allow violent convicted felons still in prison to apply for a reduced sentence, Rep. Travis Couture, R-Allyn, reads a letter from a constituent whose father was murdered in the 1980s. Couture explained he and his seatmates in the 35th legislative district were able to help this constituent block the early release of her father’s murderer – who was sentenced to life without parole – when it was being considered by the clemency board last year. Couture stressed that experience was retraumatizing for the family who had been secure in the belief that the killer would never walk free until then. Couture warned this bill would retraumatize many families that same way and is the exact opposite of what the people of Washington state are calling for to fix public safety. The bill narrowly passed the House on a 51-46 vote. It now moves to the Senate.


Washington State House Republican Communications