Radio Report: Couture says Democratic bill on controlled substance abuse falls short in providing maximum protection for children

Republican lawmakers speak out about Democrats rejecting proposals to better protect kids from fentanyl and other illegal drugs in the home. Hanna Scott reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

HANNA SCOTT: House Republican Representative Travis Couture continues to fight for legislation that will stop the unprecedented rise in deaths of at-risk kids exposed to fentanyl by drug-addicted parents in Washington state.

COUTURE: “It’s something we have to absolutely to hit a bullseye on, and we don’t do something strong enough about it, we can bet our bottom-dollar that we are going to have another hundred child deaths on our state that were totally needless.”

HANNA SCOTT: After majority Democrats refused to hear Couture’s bill that would have prioritized kids’ safety over the needs of parents on hard drugs, Couture offered multiple amendments to strengthen the watered-down version of his bill being pushed by Democrats – all but one were rejected.

COUTURE: “Are we going to be normal, well-calibrated human beings that understand this is a danger, or are we going to just be insane? That’s the difference right now. Constant death and human misery on our streets. We need to help these people. Sometimes that means getting strong about it.”

HANNA SCOTT: Couture says House Republicans are committed to addressing the entire fentanyl crisis, but saving babies who can’t save themselves should be the top priority for all.

Hanna Scott, the state Capitol.


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