Rep. Couture tells KOMO News death of 4-year-old shows need for stronger child protection laws

In an interview with KOMO News about the recent murder of a four-year-old Everett boy allegedly by his mother, Rep. Travis Couture, R-Allyn, said the tragedy highlights the gap in Washington’s child welfare laws. The little boy’s grandmother had petitioned the court for temporary custody citing the mother’s alcohol and drug use and unpredictable and often violent behavior during those times. The court granted the guardianship, but not before the mother vanished with the boy who was found murdered near I-5 and JBLM. In the 2024 session, Couture introduced House Bill 2233 to make it easier for courts to temporarily remove children from homes where parents use hard drugs like meth and fentanyl. It was ignored by majority Democrats.


Washington State House Republican Communications